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Update 15/03/2010 Andrew McKenna has provided fan art strip continuation which I have loaded here

The 'Alternate' ending can be found here

F.A.Q and Updates below

I loved reading the Life Of Riley webcomic by Aaron Sacharow and Dan Jaaren, so much so that I made an archive on my computer. some time past and the webcomic could-no-longer/was-decided-not-to-be hosted anymore and then some more time past and started hosting this site, It wasnt long before I realised I should share my archive with you and judging from the emails I receive, its been a good idea. Thank you very much to those of you who have helped complete and straighten out my archive. Go to the first one!

Some questions I get asked frequently:

Q: What happen?
Someone set them up the lives.
A more definitive answer can be found here The crucial part being:

ClanBOB got a website again, and there were updates to the comic. But after a few more strips and six new video-based Dreams in Digital episodes, the webcomic side of ClanBOB was put on long-term hiatus. Part of this is because all of the leaderBOBs have jobs, lives and such. Part of it is from the negative e-mail the leaderBOBs got from anonymous jackasses.
I came across this article by Nick Costanzo,
No, the reason for Life of Riley’s untimely demise was quite simple... real life got in the way. Behind-the-scenes drama, some of it good, and much of it quite tragic, took precedence within the creators’ lives, delaying the production of the strips. Server problems also contributed to the delays, but, personally, I got the impression that Dan and Aaron may have gotten tired of the whole thing. The final few strips, while not particu...